Project 01: Healthtech Company 

Built a business case for a health tech company's paid media, identified and analyzed business problems and opportunities, designed research process, valuation estimation, set marketing performance metrics, and establishing timeline for pilot activities.

Project 02: Consumer Product in Dairy Industry 

Designed a research project to determine the degree of correlation between purchases behavior and awareness of the brand story. 

Project 03: Fitness Gym 

Explored data and created data visualizations on Tableau for a health and fitness gym to find actionable insights and make business recommendations to improve retention through cohort analyses, long-term trends, user segmentation, regression models, etc. 

Project 04: Hardware Store Chains 

Worked with a team to design research using both quantitative and qualitative methods to provide actionable insights for a go/no-go business decision for hardware retail store chains. Designed sales pilot for new product lines roll-outs, ran case-control analysis and derived insights from test/control groups data to evaluate the potential success of market entry of the new product lines. 

Project 05: Healthcare Company

Conducted a user-focused design project in an immersive setting with a Bay Area client in the health information space; Worked with a cross-functional team to conduct ethnography, distill user-centered insights, and rapidly prototype product.

Project 06: A National Waste Disposal Client

Worked with a national waste disposal client to create a proposal around segmentation, targeting, positioning, and activation to grow the business; culminated in a presentation to the CMO.

Project 07: Shoe Retailer 

Worked collaboratively with a team to conduct an analysis of a major national shoe retailer; built recommendations to improve top and bottom-line results. 

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